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mark weber & gerald locklin | zerx chapbook No. 63

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All of Us and Our Houses

by Mark Weber

Dedicated to my yoga teachers: Donna, Cypresse, Robin, Erin, Supriti, Liz, Meta, Halli, David, Niki, Jimmy.

First Edition of 450 copies, February 2009. Fontispiece photo of author 11feb09 by Janet Simon. Textual advice thanks to Dr. Paula Mayhew and Beverly Hill. Proof reading: Todd Moore. Ezra Pound reference on p. 17 see his poem “Tame Cat”. Cover art by Mark Weber (virasana pose). For a savage version of Robert Johnson’s “Crossroad Blues” see DVD of blues band Cream Live at Royal Albert Hall, May 2005, and play it LOUD. These poems composed beteween 23nov08 and 14feb09 except “Breathing, Down the Spine” composed 14sept08. Copyright 2009 by Mark Weber, ZERXPRESS.

I went to the crossroad
Fell down on my knee

–Robert Johnson

a sinatra sequence

jazz poems 2008 by Gerald Locklin

Dedicated to: Mark Weber and Janet Simon, Henry Denander, Anthony Atherton, The Jazz Bakery (Culver City), California, KKJZ-FM (Long Beach State University), Steamers (Fullerton, California), Nora and Dario Simoes, Marina Sigareva, Joanne France, Josh Nelson.

First edition of 450 copies, February 2009. Cover Art by Mark Weber. Frontispiece photo by Barbara Locklin 13dec08 in the author’s backyard. Copyright 2008 by Barbara Locklin. A Sinatra Sequence Copyright 2008 by Gerald Locklin. All rights in all media reserved to the author. Please request permissions from the author at glocklinATcsulbDOTcom or Gerald Locklin, English Department, CSULB, Long Beach, CA 90840. Please visit as well:

incl. shipment cost world-wide for this ZERX chap book No. 63

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