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mark weber | weet anorso

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rignu condorsay hadnogno antawanta
por wee token eally boken fweetonko
apom sh’d brake tree frozeen tea between
betwixt, crosswise shokan, be-all
…a poem should break
the frozen sea between us…
bring home the bacon
takes us for a ride in its new cadillac
knick knack paddywack give the dog a bone
rignu condorsay hadnogno antawanta be-home
be alone, begone, be lightning struck
jet-propelled word vortex
kaleidoscopic redondo exuberance
fishtailing hadnogno

–17dec01Mark Weber

from BIG HAMMER No. 5, 2002
Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books

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  • This is a poem that I read often in performance with the Connie Crothers Quintet, it’s a style of writing I have always meant to explore further, but somehow have never found the time. Soon I will write more like this! –Mark the Speller

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