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first edition * 300 copies * August 2009

Note: the headwaters of the Niger River are not technically at Timbuktu — at Timbuktu is a tributary that eons ago was the beginning of the Niger but over the time the rivers (the Niger is comprised of two ancient rivers) switched course.

textural advice: Todd Moore
author photo 26apr09 by author’s wife
poem about black widows appeared in BIG HAMMER
see other recent poems at Metropolis website
poem on page 8 written for on-going project/duets with guitarist Janet Feder and will be recorded at 725 Studios on 17aug09
sequence beginning on page 9 revolves around trip to Los Angeles April 2-8, 2009 written
thereabouts in fits & starts.

(c)2009 Mark Weber | Ronald Baatz | Zerx Press, 725 Van Buren Place SE, Albuquerque NM 87108


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