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todd moore | the perfect

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the perfect

score dillinger
sd is when
you can
taste the
machine gun
action in
the way
you get the

For Mark Weber on his birthday.–Todd Moore

Mark Weber | Photo by Eric Breitbart

Download listen to Mark Weber’s Jazz Radio Show Theme


  • That photo was taken by the renowned film maker Eric Breitbart in my writing room — there just happens to be a lot of albums & CDs in there BUT that’s not the main collection ( ! ) The main collection is upstairs………

  • My radio theme music is the front part of the Michael Vlatkovich composition “Black Triangles, Yellow Corn, and Pink Medicine Drops” which can be found on a couple of his CDs, most notably ALiveBURQUERQUE (pfMENTUM Records). We recorded this version of it at the late Quincy Adam’s studio here in Albuquerque on 20july07 with Michael on trombone and Cal Haines on drums. I use that one minute & 40 seconds as a bed for various spoken introductions. There must be a dozen different ones. My radio show is every Thursday at Noon and covers most of New Mexico — what they call “terrestrial radio” — they had to come up with that term now that we also have webcasting and audio streaming — we also stream the show at It’s a lot of fun, playing your favorite records.

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