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Dirty Dave

The other day while parked on the stand
of a fancy hotel,
Dirty Dave pulled up behind me.
In the mood for conversation
And a few laughs,
I stepped from my cab
Into his.

He was feasting on fried chicken -
Licking his fingers without a thought.
The windows were smoky
And full of grime from the streets.

Ashtrays Overloaded.
A crust of pizza
And an empty can of soda
Were on the floor.
On the back seat next to me
Was something sticky -
Like jelly from a doughnut.

I asked Dirty Dave
If he ever felt embarrassed
When riding the clean and well-heeled
Around town.
He just laughed.
Wiped mouth on sleeve.
Stuffed chicken bones
Under seat.

Dave Church, Providence, RI

David Church 1947 – 2008 | Photo: Tara Church | click the image to enlarge…

From Big Hammer No. 10, 2007. Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books. This issue is available by clicking here…

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  • Thanksgiving tomorrow, the day you left our lives, not much to be happy about, you are missed so very much my Brother.

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