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dave roskos | if the shoe fits stick it up your ass

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if the shoe fits stick it up your ass

a “real book”
I want my poems
published in a real book,
the poet whined.
a real book
w/a real spine
& a real cover
w/ a real barcode
on the back
so it can be sold
in real book stores

the poet blind
to the barcode
on her forehead

an mfa in creative writing
nothing to show for it
but debt.

Dave Roskos 1/18/09

Much more on Dave Roskos can be found on his Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books web page by clicking here…


  • ahhh, it makes me feel dirty!

  • Dave Roskos knows that the best poetry is written on the side of a molotov cocktail just seconds before you throw it.

  • I love this! My poet-friend-mentor made me promise, “Sylvia, whatever you do, don’t go get one of those MFAs.”

    Further, he published every which way and was just as happy with one way as any other.

    This is a good piece though i don’t really understand the title, how it goes with the poem, but that’s just another poetic mystery.


  • hello Ben, Todd, Sylvia…thanks for the good word. No poetic mystery in the title, just me being redundant & heavy-handed…

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