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paul sohar | homing poems

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Paul Sohar drifted as a young refugee from Hungary to the US. After receiving a B. A. in philosophy he drifted into a lab job hoping to pursue literature on the side, and the results have slowly appeared in dose to two hundred publications and six books of translations, die most significant being ,,Maradok – I Remain”, a bilingual anthology often Hungarian-Transylvanian poets (Pro-Print, 1997) and ,,Dancing Embers”, selected poems by one of the above, Sandor Kanyadi, published by Twisted Spoon Press, 2002. Translation gives Sohar an excuse to indulge his penchant for experimentation with various styles, such as the use of traditional verse as a vehicle for contemporary content, a rare bird on the American poetry scene.

…Soharhas pulled off an admirably graceful English version of these poems… that his translations can be considered works of art in themselves.”

Travis Jebbsen writing in The Prague Pill and Rattle

,,These translations dance, and they keep on dancing when they shift into free verse.”


“Sohar’s translations are tactful and sensitive…”

Lucy Mallows, Budapest Sun


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