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Chris Halla has been a part of the independent literary publishing scene for 30+years. His poetry, non-fiction, illustrations and photographs have appeared in numerous periodicals, anthologies, chapbooks and books. He’s the publisher of PAGE 5 (to reappear with #13 in 2007); the founding editor and publisher of River Bottom Magazine & Press; the Wolfsong chapbook series (with Gary Busha); and Shagbark, a new imprint. CROW, takes his poetry in anew direction, combining the Midwestern voice with the seemingly disparate voices of film noir, hard boiled fiction, Zen, American Indian mythology, and naturalism. It all seems a comfortable fit to him.

The art work of Emmett Johns (Albuquerque, NM and Fish Creek, WI) frequently graces the covers, texts, and broadsides of Cross+Roads Press titles, for which the publisher is forever grateful. Emmett is the author of the bestselling journal I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE PICTURE, CR+P #6 (op) and is continually in search of the artistic self.” I have three bodies of work that I try to keep up with,” he explains, “Abstract/contemporary, portrait/figurative and landscapes. I attempt to work with as much integrity as I can muster, trying to avoid sentimental subjects and reach for deeper connections. Connections that express the essence of a person or place.”

Copyright © 2007 Chris Halla Artwork: Emmett Johns

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  • Norb,
    Good to see this from Chris. I know he’s worked long and hard on the Crow series. And Johns, a highly talented artist. Great to see the energy and activity you’re doing in your sites.

  • Barbara Fitz Vroman
    January 11th, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    I’ve found Chris’s Page Five interested; his new
    work sounds provocative. Crows are infinite.
    Emment work is amazing, to catch so much in so
    few lines.

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