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I arrived in N.Y.C. in 1965 (Lower East Side) from the borough of Brooklyn; after years of being stifled by suffocating middle class values, and parental expectations of what I really should be doing in life, I had recently read, “On The Road” and was primed to run in the starting blocks. In a flash and a half I was gone.

I immediately realized that I had to produce creatively in order to be accepted by the local artists in my newly adopted artistic environment. I had been reading my poetry in Greenwich Village coffee shops, St. Marks in the Bowery Church, and WBAI radio wearing my business attire, fresh from Madison Avenue where I was a Jr. whatever.

Now I was Here, minus the suit and tie, sporting a Zappa mustache, and looking quite the refugee. So much talent resided here…from New Music Jazz Artists, fine artists living and working in their spacious cheap lofts… to the poetry renaissance led by no less than Alien Ginsberg and other luminaries.

Since I was an imported poet of lower case renown, the answer was easy; put out a poetry magazine, get to know as many artists and poets who lived in the area and produced. So I did, naming my small press publication “Entrails” dedicated to Lenny Bruce who was legally hounded for using sexual expressions in his act. Poetry was also under siege as well…bookstores locally and across the U.S….Poetry reading, and publishing was dangerous. People went to jail over it. And so, Entrails was born, and became the magazine of happy obscenity.

Cut to Now 2009. In this contemporary mindset of “Blog this” anything goes now. This concept was hard to grasp then. We were the equivalent of being labeled a terrorist. So after publishing four issues of Entrails, plus an anthology, I did a two year stint in N.Y. prisons (Sing Sing and Greenhaven) for possession and sale of Marijuana…the proceeds of course, were to be used for future publications and other literary pursuits. My publishing career was over, but inroads were made; and issue # 1 of Entrails made the front page of the N.Y. Times book review section with four or five other influential poetry magazines of the times.

I continued to write quite a bit in prison (over 368 poems, plus 23 which were destroyed by the authorities who didn’t particularly like me. After completing Parole, life brought me from the N.Y. scene to S.F., and then Sacramento, Ca. I took an eleven year hiatus from writing poetry, and became what I call a hip capitalist…! was a roadie, a flea marketeer, and seller of collectibles and ersatz antiques. Then one night, now living in Sacramento, at the encouragement of a local female poet, I found myself at the opening night of “Poetry Unplugged” at Luna’s Cafe, which has since become the #1 poetry venue in the Sacramento area for fourteen years.

I came back full circle again to writing poetry, and have published two books, a CD, have done numerous readings and radio broadcasts, and have had poems published in magazines such as Sex In Public, What The Fuck, Bliss, Luna Anthology, One Dog, Litjar, Poetry Now, SNR, Rattlesnake, Kusf Radio, and Poetry At The Cemetery.


after all these years, I find myself contacted by Dave Roskos, Publisher and Editor of Big Hammer (Iniquity Press) poetry publications. He sent a query letter to a Sacramento local poetry institution asking about my whereabouts. Dave and I exchanged pleasantries and related information about our lives, soon becoming comfortable email friends. He asked me about available copies of Entrails # 1 that he wanted to purchase (copies of Entrails going for $150. a piece). He was missing #1 from his vast collection of small press publications from the 60’s. He then came up with an offer to republish Entrails #1, which I readily agreed to…plus he also accepted a slew of my poems that I sent him, to be published in his next issue of Big Hammer which truly pleased me.

Forty years later, I’m still writing poetry, and Entrails is now available to the general public again. What’s next? Whos knows…but I’m still alive and kickin’…and still somewhat hard, an incentive to keep on writing the poetry I love to do best, i.e., Erotic and Love poems without censorship, except by myself. Thanks a load Dave: you’ve made my year…one that has been fraught with loss and emotional pain. ONWARD!

Gene Bloom december 2009

ENTRAILS…… The Magazine of Happy Obscenity…First year… JULY 1966… Number 1…Copyright (c) 1966………..Gene Bloom, Joe Pinelli. ENTRAILS IS published Bi-monthly (they turn quarterly eventually) , by WHISPERSHIT PRESS, NEW WRK …Subscription rates…..$.75 per copy.. $4.01 a year… (pennies for Peace) ENTRAILS… 283 East Houston Street.. New York 10002 N.I.  We welcome fresh strong compelling unpublished manuscripts. Must be accompanied by stamped self-addressed envelope. Payment in copy. Personal reply. We are a NON-CENSORSHIP MAGAZINE. GENE BLOOM….EDITOR JOE PINELLI….ASST. EDITOR

This issue contents: Dennis Salah, Harold Briggs, Chris Ryley, Tuli Kupferberg, Carl Pollack, Harvey Tucker, Carl Larsen, Gene Bloom, Bernard Olderman, Mary Cantini, Lindsey Borwick, Burton Green, Donald Griff, Virginia Shy, Douglas Blazek, Joe Pinelli, Frank Smith, Ronni Pollack, Clarence Major, Eugene Schwartz, Ramona Gonzalez, Barbro Maria Stigsdotter Ringselle, Sally Silverman, Willis Fugate, Bernie Ross, Nancy Gauqueier, Charles Bukowski, D.R. Wagner, Barry Schilan, Joel Kaufman, George Kimball.

incl. shipment cost world-wide


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