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matthew borkowski | hieronymus bosch comes to lavallette, n.j.

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HIERONYMUS BOSCH COMES TO LAVALLETTE, N.J.   I dreamed I was Brian Wilson, before he went crazy; I had just finished Pet Sounds, my masterpiece, and I wanted to send a copy To the woman I loved, Mary Fitzpatrick (I wrote it for her), ...but she wouldn't take it, and I couldn't reach her, she liked it that way,....      she hated me,.......and so I started going crazy.......   But what does this have to do with Hieronymus Bosch, Lavallette,New Jersey and the death of democracy?...well, nothing, asshole, ...this is a dream,remember? ...so it doesn't have to make sense, and poetry is a dream, also; a dead dream, .....murdered by Charles Bukowski fans who drink like pigs and have no need for innocence and hate Brian Wilson's beautiful music, and the garden of                     earthly delights in his songs....          (....think about it......)      but while I was going crazy pining away over Mary Fitzpatrick and her refusal to listen to Pet Sounds, I watched a lot television ( to calm myself down), and I saw Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina (she played the daughter of a chauffer, ...and she was really beautiful,..so I got her address somehow and SENT HER A COPY OF PET SOUNDS!,...a CD, actually, (of course CD's didn't exist back then---- ----BUT THIS IS ALL A DREAM-----REMEMBER!!---SO IT'S ALRIGHT!,  And Audrey listens to my CD and likes it ALOT!,...and we start to correspond!!----                      And eventually she moves to Lavallette, New Jersey, to be           closer to me ( I live in Seaside in this dream),           and we start to go to the beach alot, ( in my dream) and we fall in love (of course),           and even though she is extremely thin                         and flat chested,           I overlook her shortcomings                  (cause she has the face             of an angel, and I'm crazy, anyway,....)                           and the whole dream                                  works out                                          wonderfully

from BIG HAMMER No. 12 which can be found by clicking here… plus some more publications from Matthew Borkowski

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