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tom obrzut | total poetry

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(10/17/02 — 10:40 p.m.)

A new train with red seats
If I don’t have a ticket there’s a $5 surcharge
Today I concluded I’m much more fucked
…………..up than I thought I was
It was raining
I stayed late for Thursday class
And I realized I am one fucked-up individual
I don’t think it’s obvious
I doubt it’s unique
It’s not poetic
I’ts not an epiphany
It’s just one of those things
…………..when you’re walking down Eighth Avenue
The guy with the beat-up loafers, the newpaper hat
Spinning in a circle
And you say, to yourself, softly
I’m not that different
As you get a cappuccino fro Starbucks.

copyrite 2010 by Tom Obrzut

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