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Hard Landing by Rick Smith (2010)

“Rick Smith’s spare yet dense poetry is reminiscent of Basho, the Japanese haiku master, and displays much of the same restraint and discipline.”– Mark Terrill

“The wren lends itself to ethical and etymological inquiry, the poet says. This new collection, including lyrics from The Wren Notebook, embodies an expansive, precise, obdurate rhythm, a generous wisdom and tender vision. This is the mature Rick Smith, delving deeper into what is smaller.” Vicki Lindner (from the introduction)

106 Pages; Perfect Bound; Trade Paper | ISBN: 978-1-929878-19-2

incl. shipment cost for orders from the USA/CAN/MEX

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Hard Landing CD as read by Rick Smith (2010). Recorded & Mastered by John Lyon – A Special Bonus FREE to the first 50 buyers of the book!!!

Tracklist: 1.Wren Is Invisible 2. Back in 86 AD Download 3. Little King 4. Constant the Wren 5. A Broken Wren 6. In Certain Light 7. A Scattering of Wrens 8. She Follows the Coastline 9. Wren Is Surrounded 10. Wren Has Trouble Breathing Download 11. Walking With My Mom 12. Wren Did Not Know 13. The Caribou Won’t Believe It 14. Wired Together 15. Inside The Grill 16. Drifting Like Orphans

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