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bruce hodder | march scenes

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March Scenes


Five hours on a poem -
revised in three lines
while I eat an orange.


Chopping firewood
in the windy garden –
sharp sun on his back.


The mechanic on the phone
advised: “Bash the fuel tank
with a stick” -
car started straight away.


War news on the radio -
brush teeth,
wind rattling the gutters.


Muffled chatter
of my neighbour’s tv -
dark over the rooftops.


In my head 18 -
grey beard
tells a different story.

Bruce Hodder

lives in Northampton, England, which is known as the most stastically average town in the country. From any free computer or laptop he can lay his hands on, not possessing one of his own, he edits THE BEATNIK, which publishes poets of an alternative/ underground/ small press coloration from all around the globe. His own poetry has been published in OUTLAW, POETRY CORNWALL, TAMAFHYR MOUNTAIN POETRY, THE CLIFFS, ZYGOTE IN MY COFFEE, a few others he has forgotten, and the Crossroads Press anthology OTHER VOICES. He also appeared in Ron Whitehead and Robert Zoschke’s book celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Jack Kerouac’s ON THE ROAD.

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