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mark weber | the ants of summer all over the place

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Ants are telepathic –
their language travels on their exoskeleton
in waves like electrical current –

the word is out –

I am to be eliminated –

That battleaxe at the fumigator shop
told me that there are a billion varieties of ants (did she
say “billion”? it was some stratospherically exaggerated
number) — and that there are 250 species
in New Mexico
just now
half nekkid in my Gypsy Boots Cro-magnon outfit
watering the yard
I lean against the adobe wall
one of the six variety that I have identified in our yard
put the bite on me –

I am to be eliminated –

Red welt on top of my hand –

I remember when
I was in the first grade, out on the playground, and one
of my confreres was bit by a bee
and his hand blew up like a balloon, and
he had to be taken to hospital –

He survived but just barely –

I think I read somewhere that ants and bees
are related –

I hope I can still play guitar?
The muscles in that hand seem weak –

I better have another cup of Earl Grey –

That kid on the playground fainted –
a teacher carried him in her arms to her car
and sped away –

The 60s were so full of hope and promise –
it really messed up a generation of us who thought it
would go on forever –

(That’s why that lady in the fumigator shop is so grouchy –
nothing turned out the way she expected) –

(She might try yoga, there is a type of hope there
that protects you) –

Alas, it is time to quit frittering on this poem
and get on with my day –

There are bird feathers sticking straight up
out of the ground in our backyard –
about a dozen feathers being pulled down into the
subterranean realms — do ants eat feathers?

Mark Weber July 5&8, 2o11

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  • Another great ant poem! (And I’ve never said that in a review before.) No one writes more freely than Mark. And the apparently random connections all make sense if you open your mind and let him take you with him.

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