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pris campbell | teacher’s pet & shadows

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Painting by Paul Lovering

Teacher’s Pet

Little whore stares at me
through them goofy glasses
when she don’t think I’m lookin’.
Don’t talk to me, though.
She’s scart. I’m glad.
Ought to be scart.
Gets taller ev’ry durn visit,
them legs growin’ out long
like a colt’s, curls fallin’ over her face
when she leans to warm that sexy
little butt by the fire.

Liked her better in nappies,
toddlin’ in when I called
so I could quick stick
my finger down to her privates.
Gettin’ her ready for the real thing.
Gettin’ her so’d she’d like it.

Now she runs off when I call her,
folks gone for our monthly groceries.
Hides in that durn bathroom.
Don’t never figure I can pop
that latch out of the hook
with a little jiggle.
Squirms into the closet.
Hell, a gnat couldn’t hardly
get lost in there.
Can’t get my john henry hard
what with all this runnin’ goin’ on.
Her mouth works just fine, though.
Tight as a pig’s ass and smoother.
All that gaggin’ pisses me off,
though, so I smack her.

I smack her when she curls
in a ball on the floor, too.
Knows about my bad hip.
Knows I cain’t git down there.
I kick her real hard in places
her mama won’t see.

She’s always up some tree
or turnin’ those silly flips
and cartwheels, fallin’ down.
What’s another bruise gonna prove?

Sometimes she mumbles about flyin’
on the ceiling with angels, watchin’
the devil do things to some other lil girl,
another lil girl that looks like her.

The child is half looney you ask me.
Don’t never seem to remember what I tole her
I’d do if she tattled on me to her mama.
Half the time she don’t even seem to remember
what it was she weren’t meant to tell.

Wish I had her here ev’ry day
’stead of three times a year.
She’d remember then fer sure!

Oh, someday she’ll thank me.
Every lil girl needs a real man
to teach her.

Painting by Gustav Klimt


Those golden men (led by
their second head) turn weed
into bouquets, stars
into garlands. Every word
from their mouth drifts, aromatic,
through the lusting air.
Notched belts tumble
from their closets.

No rivals, these one-notch,
one woman men, dressed
in yesterday’s fashion,
tripping over their own feet
and tongues in awkward
attempts to express love.

They wait, hearts in their hands,
in the shadows. Bypassed.
Bottle-necked in love’s canyon
until, burned by the sun, penises
limp from overexertion, the super lovers
tumble and we finally take notice
of the steadfastness of shadows.


  • Klaus, the page looks wonderful. Thank you so much for accepting my poems. I love being in Outlaw Poetry.

  • I really enjoyed these two poems by Pris Campbell. A lot of feeling and imagery rolling down the page.

  • As always, your work is brilliant.

  • Two of the best Campbell poems I’ve ever read….

  • You’ve “outdone” yourself, Pris! You’re amazing!

  • Very powerful, haunting poems, brave and unflinching, so characteristic of Pris.

  • Thank you all for your generous comments. I appreciate them so much.

  • Geoff Sanderson
    August 1st, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    I’ve know Pris now (on the web) for twelve years, and have seen her poetry grow from strength to strengh; but she always surprises me with her fresh approach to themes she has dealt with in the past.
    ‘Teacher’s Pet’ is one of those poems, told from the point of view of the perpetrator. This is a difficult subject, one which will make some people squirm, but Pris tackles it head-on in a sensetive manner.
    ‘Shadows’ nicely encapsulates a new look at the old ‘Hare and Tortoise’ race, and provides a quiet smile at the end! Two more ‘keepers’ for sure!

  • Thanks, Geoff. Yes, I do revisit many similar issues in my poems so I’m glad they still come across fresh to you. Oddly, it was harder writing the first one from that POV, in the emotional sense. I felt as if I was in his skin and it sickened me.

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