Tuesday, June 25th, 2013...11:16 am

seth howard | walled in tapestry

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Leaves of gold are flaking like rusted metal
The shiver of the trembling dust
Calls forth flake of light, traveling through
Air, particles just barely there

I felt it tremble in the wheat, held my
Heart in hand, knew the name of the wind’s
Song, sent a shiver all along
The Chinese wall, we walk as if we wish
We knew, walled in tapestry
The stars appeared as tears, they looked
As though, stopping for a time to rest
They were dissimilar, however bright
A quiet longing, that recurring flux
Of transitioning hues, growing dimmer to
Some, but brighter still they come

Closer to the light on the hill
Fire flight aglow a flicker, in our minds
A shining glimmer, equidistant from
The shell-like surface of the Sun

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