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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

linda lerner | something is burning in brooklyn

Something is Burning in Brooklyn

Poems by Linda Lerner

Published 2009 by Iniquity Press. All poems and art copyright by the artists. ISBN-1-877968-45-5. Layout and design by Angela Mark. Cover by Angela Mark. Title page by Michael Shores. Some of these poems have/will appear in: Mobius, Poesy, New Verse News, The Brownstone Poets, Big Scream, Nomad’s Choir, Northwoods Journal, Rockburts Review, in No Earthly Sense Gets It Right (Lummox Press).

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

iniquity press | big hammer no. 13

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

dave roskos | iniquity press / vendetta books

Dave Roskos

is a people’s publisher, he’s from the old school where you still use a printer and old-fashioned ink, and staples, and wrinkled poems that come in via the mail, and the poems in BIG HAMMER reflect a vision of America that is unfathomable to those in the suits & ties and even those with the ponytails and the birkenstocks. His poems are written by auto mechanics and plumbers and ferriers and people who know the difference between fuel injection and carburetors. Who still find old tires on the side of the road with some good tread still left on them and know how to get them on the rim and tie a come-along belt to cinch it to get the air in (use soap). Dave Roskos loves poetry and loves making books and loves the written word and he does something about it………….mark weber, 21jan09