Seeking Transcendence by Rich Quatrone

SEEKING TRANSCENDENCE So we do it in private mostly. Because we know damn well in public everyone is held down by money and activity. We know everyone is running to some place to just basically get lost. And we do Continue reading Seeking Transcendence by Rich Quatrone

Body Magic by Rich Quatrone

BODY MAGIC The body is a magical instrument after Baraka had you laughing in bed with his wondrous verse you lay there with the world inside you the happy world spinning while the ghouls and their Main Ghoul in what Continue reading Body Magic by Rich Quatrone

Ode To Roxanne Rae by Rich Quatrone

ODE TO ROXANNE RAE for my brother This brilliant metaphor unites sex with aesthetics. — Camille Paglia Where are you, Camille, when I need you? Did you ever see Roxanne Rae going through her paces? Tonight she was getting fucked by Continue reading Ode To Roxanne Rae by Rich Quatrone

Climbers by Rich Quatrone

CLIMBERS They’ve always been around. Maybe even helped to crucify Jesus. Certainly helped to assassinate Caesar. Were instrumental in the murder of Lincoln. O, come on now, Quatrone! Don’t be so melodramatic. So highfalutin Lincoln? Caesar? Jesus!!! Really, Quatrone. So, Continue reading Climbers by Rich Quatrone

Done by Rich Quatrone

DONE Thou hast made me, And shall thy worke decay? Repaire me now, for now mine end doth haste – John Donne What end would You have for me, You who Stand high, perfect, untouched, unfazed? What perfect punishment awaits Continue reading Done by Rich Quatrone

Living Alone Too Long by Rich Quatrone

LIVING ALONE TOO LONG It’s a difficult way to live. I’ve been alone for twelve years now. Twelve long years. Twelve years of nights alone. Sleeping alone. Eating alone. Doing everything here alone. Oh, there were the five or so Continue reading Living Alone Too Long by Rich Quatrone

Lauren by Rich Quatrone

LAUREN Just 20 years old. My god, what a lovely young woman. A girl, really. I’ve been chatting with her all year, which means what, she was only 19? She smiles as soon as I entered the store, calls hello Continue reading Lauren by Rich Quatrone