mark weber | at the jewish bakery

Mark Weber |  1986 Cleveland, Ohio | Photo by Janet Simon


i stood there
watching a fly buzz around
under the glass
while she ordered bagels.
it was in the display case
with the bagels.
it was hot
i was hot
it was summer
in Cleveland.
as i continued watching
i noticed something
sticking out of one of the bagels
there in the pile.
i got closer
and noted a hair —
one strand of human hair
coming out of a bagel
and thought: Now
that is not a kosher bagel.

words and stories – obbligatos for terpsichorean dipsomaniacs

Mark Weber

Words and stories

Obbligatos for Terpsichorean Dipsomaniacs

Nine Winds Records 182 | 1995

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listen to Mark Weber | at the jewish bakery

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