rich quatrone | the emptiness of american life


i struggle with it daily, nightly.
the idiocy of it, the lies,
the lunacy, the fear in the people,
the anger. at times i feel
i walk among the living dead.
the only redemption is love.
the love of a lover, this most of all.
a partner, in soul, spirit and body.
this is the only salvation.
i do not have this at this time
in my life.
so the death all around me weighs
especially hard on me.
i try to stay close to my work.
to the poetry most of all.
i drift away, because i cannot
sit at this computer and write
24 hours a day. i must do
other things. and when i do other
things, especially outside this
small apartment, i am reminded
of how futile it all is, this
life among the rich and
distracted and illiterate.
a woman’s love immediately cures
all this. immediately saves my
heart and gives me pools of
tolerance and forgiveness
which dry up when left on their
own for too long.

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  1. a heartfelt cry out
    from Rich Quatrone
    whose name deserves
    the uppercase …
    the personal emotions
    in this one
    can be felt by many
    of us
    while the comments
    about life in america,
    now more and more
    deserving of the lowercase,
    should speak more loudly
    than i’m sure they will be
    allowed to do …

    Thanks for sharing this … DaP

  2. I guess I’m an outlier because I don’t find all of America to be “the living dead”, and I find life to be

  3. As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted, I must be an outlier because I think there’s more to American life than idiocy, lies, and lunacy, and I don’t find the people around me “the living dead.” that may be because as a survivor of a stroke and a liver transplant, I tend to kiss and caress every moment. that being said, Rich Quatrone has written a great poem here, and he is probably the second best poet to come out of NJ in the past forty years. the best, of course, is Edward J O’Connor, Jr. and the third best is me…

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