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6 Years in the making this blows any other “spoken word” CD out of the water. With a 44 magnum. 174 MB zip file, containing cover images and tracks in 192 kbps MP3 format.

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6 Years in the making this blows any other “spoken word” CD out of the water.

With a 44 magnum. ( I usually run for cover whenever someone uses that term “spoken word” – leave that one for the wussies. ) Todd illuminates the abandoned soul of John Dillinger. Dino breaks open the Gates of Hell. Not for the squeamish. When an hour of Dillinger was broadcast over the radio one Sunday afternoon back in 1997, KUNM was inundated by calls from frightened listeners, huge flocks of crows blackened the skies over Albuquerque, and the churches had record attendances for that evening’s observances. Mark Weber

First, it is a great thing to have Dillinger reborn again

being read this time you hear his voice in poem Dillinger and Todd Moore is reading his poem of American hero. His voice (Moore’s) and poem enhances J. A. Deane’s music and the music fits like a knife in the rare cooked steak of Dillinger served up by Moore.” — Michael Basinski, The Hold, March 2002



  • 1.“The Name is Dillinger” 41:01 recorded December 15-17,1997 at KUNM, Albuquerque, soundscape by J.A.Deane – engineering by Simon Welter, supported by a generous grant from KUNM
  • 2-21. Twenty short Dillinger poems recorded April 2, 2001
  • 22. “Resurrection” 12:08, recorded July 11, 2001 – mix by J.A.Deane. Bubba D on fretless mountain dulcimer & lap steel guitar


  • 1. “The Corpse is Dreaming” 46:26 Live radio broadcast over KUNM August 18,1996 J.A.Deane, trombone/electronics, tapes, live sampling engineering by Simon Welter
  • 2-21. Twenty more short Dillinger poems (4/2/01)
  • 22. “Resurrection” 12:54 soundscape by Mark Weber – recorded April-June 2001 mix by Quincy & MW – Mark LeClaire, cello – Mark Weaver, tuba – Paul Pulaski, electric guitar – Lisa Polisar, flute – Chris Alien, vibraphone – Carla K. Barlow, sampler – Janet Feder, prepared guitar (sampled) – Quincy’s, Albuquerque thunder storm – MW, voice. Produced by Mark Weber ZerxpressATaolDOTcom. Mastered by Quincy Adams. Front cover art by Arthur Dove. All text and reading by Todd Moore. © 2001 Todd Moore. ZERX 039 © 2001 J.A. Deane & todd Moore & Mark Weber

listen to Todd Moore | excerpt
Todd Moore | 1937 - 2010 | Photo by Pete Jonsson

Todd Moore | 1937 – 2010 | Photo by Pete Jonsson

Todd Moore was a poet in the shockism style. He says, “For your information gansta poetry in this country isn’t Bukowski’s invention, it’s mine. I’ve been making this kind of stuff since 1970 give or take. And, it has nothing to do with Bukowski’s style or subject matter. Bukowski was the pornagrapher of pussy and a damned good one at that. I’m the pornographer of violence.”

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