dorothy terry | when patsy persons left for hollywood

Dorothy Terry attended several of my advanced writing classes at The Clearing in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin. It was evident from the beginning that she was an accomplished poet, and I could do little but encourage her to first publish her Continue reading dorothy terry | when patsy persons left for hollywood

the shop

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carl sandburg | poetry and people

carlsandburgbydavemann1967.jpgLooking for words and work on Labor Day, what greater American (Chicago ) poet than Carl Sandburg to remind us what we were all about, who we once were. Do yourself a favor: read some Sandburg. Remind your friends, your students, your children that once a upon a time in America, there was a poet of the people who said it all in plain English in the daily newspaper, all that needed to be said to men and women on their way to work with maybe a little hope in their hearts. CHICAGO POEMS…and THE PEOPLE, YES. Begin there. Norbert Blei Continue reading carl sandburg | poetry and people

norbert blei | notes from the underground


Welcome to Monsieur K’s World – and Ours or Writing on Thin Air

One good reason today’s writer might hope to be heard in our world of constant distraction, diminishing readership, a culture gone kaput, rests in what you are now reading on the screen : the community of cyber communication which as writers we’re going to have to live with, study, understand, and utilize if we expect any audience at all. The time when editors, publishers, and agents rang you up for work, courted you with lunch, drinks, promises and blank checks is long gone– if you were fortunate to experience any of this at all. “You’re just going to have to do it yourself” is as true today as ever. Yes, there are still, and will always be publications out there to sell (basically give) your work to, and a handful of quality publishers large and small that might conceivably even invest in your work at their expense in the hope that it might make a little money for them – and maybe you. However, it’s increasingly unlikely these days you will find a publisher who truly believes in your vision as a writer. Continue reading norbert blei | notes from the underground