scott moore | wayward in cambridge

Wayward in Cambridge Comfortably seated Between Harvard and MIT The lizard lounge Just a month earlier I turned some heads when I got drunk with a couple slammers (slam poets) And fell down a flight of steps This time around Continue reading scott moore | wayward in cambridge

scott moore | sucker punch

SUCKER PUNCH Silent and captive A coping mechanism What ticked loudly Was now silent The run had been healing Perfect days lined in rows Seldom seen the last few years The crazy times were over I promised, I promise Sentence Continue reading scott moore | sucker punch

scott moore | the greek girls know

The Greek girls know It’s not what might Come to mind No back doors To access in ones behalf A wedding, a friend Not far from failure The reception A three flight fall The farm, Metaxa Waterfalls and Dancing women Continue reading scott moore | the greek girls know

scott moore | contemplating

CONTEMPLATING What to say The wolves above my fax They never leave The alpha, his eyes won’t submit That fucking scares me sometimes Maybe a psychologist could tell The other significances, but I’m too poor right now to care I’ve Continue reading scott moore | contemplating