scott moore | wayward in cambridge

Wayward in Cambridge Comfortably seated Between Harvard and MIT The lizard lounge Just a month earlier I turned some heads when I got drunk with a couple slammers (slam poets) And fell down a flight of steps This time around Continue reading scott moore | wayward in cambridge

scott moore | sucker punch

SUCKER PUNCH Silent and captive A coping mechanism What ticked loudly Was now silent The run had been healing Perfect days lined in rows Seldom seen the last few years The crazy times were over I promised, I promise Sentence Continue reading scott moore | sucker punch

scott moore | the greek girls know

The Greek girls know It’s not what might Come to mind No back doors To access in ones behalf A wedding, a friend Not far from failure The reception A three flight fall The farm, Metaxa Waterfalls and Dancing women Continue reading scott moore | the greek girls know

scott moore | contemplating

CONTEMPLATING What to say The wolves above my fax They never leave The alpha, his eyes won’t submit That fucking scares me sometimes Maybe a psychologist could tell The other significances, but I’m too poor right now to care I’ve Continue reading scott moore | contemplating

scott moore | baja

BAJA Through imaginary walls Or guarded gates A winding dusted trail where Real bandito’s and cowboys Play for Keeps Rattlesnakes and cacti Line roads of phony gringo tolls Thumping cats and coyotes With no time to stop The madness blurs Continue reading scott moore | baja