Untitled by Matthew Abuelo

Untitled The Kakocracy has finally won. Didn’t you know that? The rats at the helm No longer fear the rat catcher. He was been bought a long time ago And is nothing more than an errand boy Or file clerk Continue reading Untitled by Matthew Abuelo

de Kooning’s Untitled (1966) by Hosho McCreesh

de Kooning’s Untitled (1966) An afterthought, really, dashed-off to get to the fucking, there, boom, now gimme some. She’s lean, spread-eagled, dolled-up, thigh-highs, a mad-scribble thatch of hair, pussy like a devil’s claw. Unpublished poem from the Precis of Genius Continue reading de Kooning’s Untitled (1966) by Hosho McCreesh