Friday, July 3rd, 2009...11:17 pm

todd moore | the central avenue rundown jazz radio show

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Download Hotfood Lady & Joe Friday

Download Todd Moore ‘cherokee’ LIVE in Studio and Henry Mancini ‘Brief and Breezy’

Download Todd Moore ’scalo’ and Mundell Lowe ‘Riff Blues’ from february 1959

are just a few examples of Mark Weber’s Jazz Radio Show, May 14, Twenty-O-nine at KUNM. Thanks to Mark Weber for sending me this ‘jewel’ with 40 tracks of Todd Moore’s Jazz poems and the music of Frank Morgan, Johnny Gregory & His Orchestra ‘Echo Four-Two’, John Trentacosta Straight UP, Zoot Sims, Lucky Thompson, Frank Strozier, Cal Tjader, Lalo Shifrin, Buddy Morrow and Michael Anthony.

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