Anti Masker Anthem (?) & Two other new poems by Tricia L. Somers

Anti Masker Anthem (?)

I won’t be washing my hands anymore
I know it’s just a tactic they use to control me

me me me me

Not the germs that come from my filthy hands
to keep others from getting sick from them.
Oh no, I know it’s really bout me

me me me me me

I think I will go to the bathroom right here.
What better way for me to make it perfectly clear?
The left will never control me

me me me me

They say it’s a public health hazard
All just to control not only us
but us and our asses even me

me me me me me

45 bodies in each refrigerated truck
They’re dropping like flies
and he don’t give a fuq
He says it’s all about me

me me me me

Even I know 45 and 47 the same must not be
Please please please please please please please
It won’t be good for you and more importantly me

me me me me me

Not Anymore

When rain is a thing we used to have
but not anymore
to water imaginary meadows’
lush blankets of flowers
held over like an imprint
left upon time
Trying to shore up the cellars
Uranium mines and 24 hour night
Irradiate your worried mind
shattered heart and heavy sighs
for flowing rivers we used to have
but not anymore


With tinkling ice
her drinking glass in hand
never empty or full
She’ll spend all night drinking
and at six a.m. morning sun
time for a liquor store run
Almost time to get up for school
And then it begins
the stiffness and trembs
The “I would suggest…”
and unfinished sentences
It’s hard to say when
the rigor sets in
Soon it would seem
she stopped making
any sense at all

Tricia L. Somers of Los Angeles, Ca. has poetry as well as debates with the editor in the most recent editions of The American Dissident print journal. Although she has a gatekeeper rejection list that keeps growing, she isn’t going to shut up.

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  1. Hi Tod. Thanks for your kind comments. As someone who has received her share of comments that are not so kind from you, I surely will hold onto this one, and welcome whatever future ones there are regardless of how brutal (or not) they may be. The “bravos” should go to you, not me. I cannot even draw. I’m just sayin…ts

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