Poem for the Good Officer Serrano Who Transported Me to The Psych Ward & Two other poems by Dave Roskos

Poem for the Good Officer Serrano Who Transported Me to The Psych Ward

Let’s hear it for another great Italian Ladies & Gentleman!
Seaside Heights PD Officer Serrano!

in memory of Officer Brian Sicknick of New Jersey

when I sat
in the back of
the police car
the police officer
asked me what
kind of poetry
I write
& I said
Punk Rock Poetry

–Dave Roskos / Psych Ward Poem / March 1, 2021

broadsides not bombs

How to Engage with Trolls

first ask them
why they are
not under
their bridge

who is guarding
the bird shit?
why have they
their post?

when did they
1st become pigs?

why do they hate
the Earth?

do they really
like the taste
of gasoline & piss?

when did they first
begin to harass
& threaten
other people?

did someone harass
& threaten you first?

can I give you a hug?

–Dave Roskos / 2/28/2021

How To Talk To A Nigerian Prince

first off, how can I
become a Nigerian Prince?

ohhh, that’s too complicated,
let’s move on.

I’m so sorry to hear that.
are you & your Loved Ones ok?

those are beautiful photos.
what are their names?

oh, they are so beautiful.
how old are they?

oh, that’s a great age.

oh, I’m sorry, I don’t
have any money, never have.

Bob Dylan just got
a boat load of $$$

why don’tcha ask him?

if Bob’s not home,
try Neil Young.

–Dave Roskos / 3/1/2021

Dave RoskosDavid Roskos is a people’s publisher, he’s from the old school where you still use a printer and old-fashioned ink, and staples, and wrinkled poems that come in via the mail, and the poems in BIG HAMMER reflect a vision of America that is unfathomable to those in the suits & ties and even those with the ponytails and the birkenstocks. His poems are written by auto mechanics and plumbers and ferriers and people who know the difference between fuel injection and carburetors. Who still find old tires on the side of the road with some good tread still left on them and know how to get them on the rim and tie a come-along belt to cinch it to get the air in (use soap). David Roskos loves poetry and loves making books and loves the written word and he does something about it………….Mark Weber

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    • thank you Pris Campbell. always dig yr poetry too. always feel free to send poems for Street Value Big Hammer or whatever other project is in the works. peace love & poetry

  1. hi Dave-did not know any other format to thank you for the recent parcel you mailed me containing many books-hope you are recovering and all best. i have no poems on paper to send you but anything of mine online you are welcome to use–Kent Taylor

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