Deterrent & Two Other new Poems by Tricia L. Somers


Your wars to wage
Our children to bury
Our First Amendment
Your Espionage Act
with it’s built in guilty clause
On a silver platter
our truth telller’s head
Demanded minus one tongue
Engorged politicians
Impotent Dems
Imposters hack actors
reciting their lines
“Again and with more feeling…”
Liars’ lines and lines of lies
The slamming of heads
on walls backed up against
Ensnare the young and innocent
and use them for “deterrent”

The Ticking of the Atomic Clock

T minus
Ten nine eight
to detonate
to detonate
Yes you chose
the bomb

seven six five
to detonate
to detonate
Invested in death
over life
Time after time

Four three two
to detonate
to detonate
Upon the alter of life
Lay all your hate

To blow all you love
and live for into
a cataclysmic fate
to detonate
to detonate
One you chose
the bomb

Gitmo Kids

Without faces and also nameless
“Unaccompanied Alien Child”
Aliens with no faces
Nothing to concern yourself with
Move along”

Held in tent cities and military bases
Who knows one day
maybe in Guantanamo Bay
Gitmo Kids
Gitmo Kids
Cos it’s hard out here for a pimp

By the sweat of our own brow
our non living wages
paid to the wealthy
their commodity in cages
Say goodbye to cures for any disease
Say hello to more treatments
Say, was there ever any such thing as a cure?
Was there any such thing as diplomacy ?
Did peace ever really exist
or is it just a myth?

Detain, traumatize, shell, and sicken them
Then wonder why it is that
the world is in the shape it’s in.

Tricia L. Somers has poetry online at Milk Carton Blog (Milk Poem #4), and also in the upcoming Rat’s Ass Review. Offline her poetry, essays and debates with the editor can be found in the semi-annual print journal The American Dissident #39, 40, 41, and upcoming #42

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