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Ron Whitehead | Photo by Jinn #Bug” Fuller – Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5.

I Will Lick Your Leprosy

The Storm Generation Manifesto prayer for the modern traveler

as Kentucky indigenous aboriginal hillbilly
germ eater sin eater virus eater wandering shaman
i will lick your leprosy and make you
whole again that is if you want it if
you want to be healed to be whole again
every night before i go to sleep i drink from
a huge glass of anxiety ridden fear i eat your
sins and mine as dried up rattlesnake blood bars for breakfast
i mix your pathetically weak word computer viruses
with my blood of Christ blood of the poet
wedding feast red wine with holy spirit yes
i was there still am wherever i am church is we are
are all dirty potatoes swirling swimming
in whiskey wine sherry port barrels banging clanging
into each other and the more we bang
by sharing the poems stories songs photos films of our lives
the more we come clean the more we recognize
our common ground recognize we all be one being
yes bring me your germs your sins
your viruses your brokeness your anger your
fear your doubts your worries your leprosy and i will
levitate over the open sarcophagus i will ride in the horse drawn
carneval hearse coffin transforming transmuting all
your our fears into the common ground of unconditional love love
i am we are the lightning the thunder
we are God’s open nerve God’s open nerve
we are the storm generation we are the storm the storm
i will lick your leprosy we are the storm the storm stom
we tip our hats to the lost and the beat
we go our own way
we are the storm generation
we are the fucking storm
we are a new generation of artists
we are poets writers painters sculptors composers musicians singers dancers playwrights filmmakers
we are creative expression
we blow away lies and injustice
we are graphic
we are honest
we tell it like it is
we are fierce
we are brutal
we are compassionate
we are gentle
we are kind
we have soft hearts
we are free
we are spirit
we are sex
we dwell in the realms of the creative imagination
we are the creative imagination
we know that the shortest distance between two points is creative distance
we pay attention to the long forgotten wisdomed voices of the forest
we vanquish the overtly materialistic greedy who intentionally destroy mountains
we honor mountains and oceans and eagles and wolves
we cherish mother earth and all her terrible beauty
we are non-violent spiritual warriors
we are lightning
we are thunder
we are songed poems
we are fearless visionary poets
we have wolf eyes
we are more than the eye of the storm
we are the fucking storm
we refuse
we will not bow down
we will never give up
we are God’s open nerve

we are The Storm Generation
i will lick your leprosy storm leprosy storm storm storm

Tapping My Own Phone

I’m going straight bought myself a flat top
haircut so stiff I can carry a tray of martinis

waiting on people someone to open up her
purse and give me a tip cause I don’t have

a clue anymore as to what’s going on but
I do know that I’m one step ahead tapping

my own phone to hear myself talking with
people who used to be my friends listening

so I can correct myself before they do and
I’ve got a surveillance camera in my abandoned

car across the street watching myself replaying
the tape so I can see if I’m acting funny before

they catch me doing something I shouldn’t
like yesterday I spotted myself walking too

fast and I heard myself talking too loud yes
I’ve got the deep fear paranoia anxiety despair

and suicide blues but I’m making sure I don’t
do nothing else wrong cause I done screwed

up so many times I cornered myself into a
backstreet deadend alley of paranoia and every

time I hear an airplane or helicopter or car
door slam I know The Secret Service the FBI

and the IRS Swat Teams have finally arrived
cause I published a poem by the President of

The United States of America without his
fully conscious permission and I’m sure I

haven’t paid enough taxes cause I’ve got no
income yet somehow I keep on doing things

like eating every once in a while and paying
a light bill or two but how do I do it they’re

gonna ask what’s the source of your income
and how come you don’t come to see us

anymore so yes I’ve become a little jumpy
but I’m staying one step ahead tapping my

own phone videotaping my every move
watching myself day and night replaying

the tapes cause I got a bad bad bad case
of the deep fear paranoia anxiety despair

and suicide blues


I Will Not Bow Down America
I will not Bow Down
to your Government
to your Religion
I will not Bow Down America
to your Materialism
to your International Corporations
to your Religious Shrines
your Stock Markets
your Shopping Malls
I will not Bow Down America
to your Coal Mines
to your Power Plants

I will not go crawling down the deep shafts at midnight
I will not Bow Down America
to your invasion of privacy
to your moral absolutes
your religious political might
I will not Bow Down America
to your Assassins
the CIA the FBI the Corporate Police State
your Killing Murdering Machines
I will not Bow Down America
to your Bureaucracies
to your schools
to your attempt to make me the model citizen
of Your State of Your Church

I will not Bow Down America
to your Hisstory
of Lies
to your Secrets
in the Best interest of
to protect
the People
I pledge allegiance
to those who were here before you
to those who will be here after you are gone
I pledge allegiance
to the woman I love
and to our children
I pledge allegiance
to my friends and allies
my guides and angels
both seen and unseen
I pledge allegiance
to poetry to music to art
to the literary renaissance
to the global literary community
I pledge allegiance to the Beat to the Outsider
I pledge allegiance to meditation to stillness
to magic to beautiful mysticism to ecstasy
to AH and AHA
to the Big Bang Epiphany
to altered states of consciousness
I pledge allegiance
to seeing
into the occult the unknown
to seeing
into everyday into the ordinary
and being amazed
I pledge allegiance to the Sacred and the Profane
to gnostical turpitude
I pledge allegiance to my physical body
and to the knowledge that I am more than
my physical body
I pledge allegiance to seeing more than
the physical world and to those
of higher frequency vibration
and consciousness
I pledge allegiance to passing through
the Sacred Fire
to entering the upper chamber of the
golden pyramid
to levitating over the open sarcophagus
to out of body experience
I pledge allegiance to the hottest sex
and to gentle affection
I pledge allegiance to fractal geometry
the geometry of clouds and coastlines
to 2×2 equaling 5
I pledge allegiance to Failure
to failing as no other dare fail
I pledge allegiance to taking risks
to holy daring
to nam myoho renge kyo
to accepting responsibility for my own actions
I pledge allegiance to not achieving
the American Dream of Success
I pledge allegiance to trees to green grass
to brown earth to wildflowers of every color
to wilderness to turquoise Native American skies
to rivers lakes and seas
to healing the earth
I pledge allegiance to the Holy Spirit
to the Word and to Silence
I pledge allegiance to Dreams
I pledge allegiance to Birth to the Journey and to Death
I pledge allegiance
to Candor to Sincerity to Laughter and to Irony
I pledge allegiance to Passion to Compassion
to Empathy and to helping those in need |
I pledge allegiance to Resurrection of the Heart
I Will Not Bow Down


by His Holiness The Dalai Lama & Ron Whitehead

Never give up
No matter what is going on
Never give up

Develop the heart
Too much energy in your country
Is spent developing the mind
Instead of the heart
Develop the heart

Be compassionate
Not just with your friends
But with everyone
Be compassionate

Work for peace
In your heart
And in the world
Work for peace

And I say again
Never give up
No matter what is going on around you
Never give up

Ron Whitehead | Photo by Kelly Cook

To order a copy of Ron Whitehead’s 21st book/31st cd/dvd The Storm Generation Manifesto and on parting, the wilderness poems, published by Gill Scott Holland’s Holland Brown Books, send $25 (covers shipping), with your name and mailing address, to Ron Whitehead, 919 Cherokee Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40204. cell 502 396 5141. email website plus Nick Storm’s facebook site Outlaw Poet Ron Whitehead bout 2-hour bio documentary dvd Nick is producing on Ron’s life and work.

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  1. “Develop the heart”

    I’m all for this kind of poetry and the not bowing down message also needs to be said as we approach another fiasco, I mean, election.

    Love the litany of these poems.


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