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dave roskos | big hammer no. 15

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Welcome to Big Hammer #15

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Illustration by Angela Mark


I don’t remember the reason we sat in front of Rite Aid that night.
Someone needed a prescription filled.
I do remember my mom banging her paims on the steering wheel,
Asking, “Why did you ever become a writer?”

“I don’t know mom. it was you and dad that bought me a desk
for Christmas.”

“That’s because your 6th grade teacher told us you had potential
to be a professional writer. Not poetry, music and that other stuff.”

She was visibly angry at the situation which brought us together.
We were picking up pills for her husband Bob I now remember.
It was the eve of his disappearance. Entering one hospital after another.
Finally – allowed to rest – we surrounded Bob with the Lord’s Prayer.

Such remembrance strangely triggered by a Leonard Cohen self-portrait -
A drawing of his face – left lobe opened – in which he scrawled:
I never found the girl
I never got rich
Follow me

– John Lunar Richey


  • It is good to know you are still alive and writing.


    The Half Life of Lead (A note to all future generations of lovers). by Heck 8/10/2012

    Speak to all girls, boys…
    to all whatevers
    from all Ipanemas or Columbias
    or Albuquerques or Rochesters
    and all wherevers.

    It is true that
    Regret is a
    Pound of lead
    While rejection a
    Pound of feathers

    Yet also true the wind
    Will come tomorrow to
    Blow the feathers away,
    While lead takes eons
    To truly decay

  • Hi Gavin, how the heck are ya?
    good to hear from you. Yep, still kicking.
    like the poem. send on some poems to
    i’d love to read more of yr new work
    and catch up on the last couple decades.

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