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Outlaw Dreams

I dreamt I was reading Chaucer in
Middle English to Todd Moore & he
jammd an icepick in my eye.

I dreamt Betsy Ross sewd Elizabeth
Short back together.

I dreamt I won the Pulitzer Prize for
a poem abt cocksucking but when
the judges discovered it was abt
cocksucking they gave my award
to Louise Gluck.

I dreamt James Dean rammd my
head so hard against the
headboard that he lookd like twins.

I dreamt the war in Iraq was a
series that NBC canceld.

I dreamt Mamie Van Doren
made a recording of
“The Century Dimes” while topless.

I dreamt the Supreme Court
ruled Florida was no longer a state.

I dreamt Rufus Wainright thot
my dick was so pretty he wrote
a song abt it.

I dreamt Hillary Clinton wore
Monica Lewinsky’s cumstaind
dress to her inaugural.

I dreamt Andrea Carroll made
a recording of “It Hurts To Be 61.”

I dreamt William Howard Taft
replaced Anna Nicole Smith in
the Trimspa ads.

I dreamt My Space banishd
Emily Dickinson for posting
beaver shots.
from OUTLAW DREAMS a poetry collection by Alex Gildzen | Green Panda Press

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