dave roskos | sunday morning 1/4 to 6

sunday morning 1/4 to 6
winter in new jersey
pity the poor flea market vendors
out there in the cold-dark
desperate for a dollar
some living in their vehicles
selling junk out of broke down
winnebago’s w/ bad timing belts

pickup trucks full of scrap metal
traffic tickets
for failure to make
asshole cops
administrators of hardship
a light dusting of snow
belongings under blue tarps
on wet asphalt

hard plastic nativity scene
duck taped mouths
stopped up ears
cold feet
floppy shoes
stack of records
floating atop
milkcrates of used clothes
and dishes
el gran combo
3 bucks each

good karma is to
take it or leave it

haggling begets more haggling

and does not always
have a place

Dave Roskos 1/18/09

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