dorothea grossman | four poems

My grandmother,
who could never be called lovable,
did teach me something useful —
a terse, Yiddish fashion appraisal:
“It suits you
like earrings
on a kangaroo.”

Two Reasons Why I Like Men

(1) The vulnerability of their legs
in shorts,
(2) The innocence of their bare chests
in August.

Ernest Hemingway and Soren Kierkegaard
liked to write standing up at a podium.
I hear you ask, “Why?”
I do not know for sure,
but it must have been uncomfortable
after, say, 15 minutes,
which might explain
the darkness in their work,
or even why
nobody cares about them

Thanksgiving, 2009

All over the country,
at this moment,
people are making history
by telling little stories about their lives
to one or two interested listeners.

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  1. Your poetry is inspirational. It teaches not to overlook the poetry of every liveable moment.
    Thank you.
    Ludmila Sakowski

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