happy birthday bonnie & clyde

Clyde Barrow, born Clyde Chestnut Barrow, March 24, 1909(1909-03-24) Ellis County, Texas, died May 23, 1934 (aged 25) Bienville Parish, Louisiana. Bonnie Parker, born Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, October 1, 1910(1910-10-01) Rowena, Texas, died May 23, 1934 (aged 23) Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

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  1. The picture of their bodies is SO sad! I think they were both people who would have lived decent lives, had the circumstances been different. Clyde was brutalize, in prison, by a sadist who raped him repeatedly, when he was very young, Such a thing can have a very serious effect, especially on a young person. With Self-esteem shattered, they are vulnerable to doing things that would otherwise be against their nature to do. Not that I think there is any justification for their crimes, especially the murders (which I don’t think Bonnie had any part in.) The depression was such an awful time, that produced a lot of despair, for so many people. My family, fortunately, lived in Washington. The northwest wasn’t hit as badly as some parts of the country. My parents were small children at the time and, although they didn’t have a lot, they always had a roof over their heads, some kind of clothing, and some kind of food. My mother’s family were farmers and they raised their own food, so they were better off, there, than my dad’s family. My dad has stories of eating bread and gravy for dinner, quite often. His mother and her sister lived together in a one-room house with no plumbing. His aunt got a job as a cook at the college in their town, and would take home the food that would otherwise have been thrown out. It filled their bellies, but was sometimes hard to choke down. My dad’s least favorite was the green jello with chopped cabbage in it. But, regardless of how distasteful the food was, they had to eat every bite.

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