victor schwartzman | saved from the streets

Saved From The Streets

I was headed for juvie
a few break and enters
some stolen cars, one armed robbery
the Army was my best way out
before I ended on the street for good

I enlisted as an Engineer
got a $5000 bonus
the recruiting sergeant was real nice
he said I’d build roads in Iraq
and I’d never have to kill nobody

When I got to Iraq didn’t build no roads
I was put on top of a humvee
with a 50 caliber machine gun
under the hot burning sun
there were shadows

An rpg blew up our humvee
the round came out of nowhere
and pierced the humvee armor
then my body armor
then me

One soldier asked the Secretary of Defence
why we had such lousy armor
he said you go to war with what you have
he resigned to the golf course
I can’t play golf with no arms

When I was wounded my pay was cut
I live in a cheap little room
it’s real clear I’m no longer needed
politicians ignore me except for parades
but hell they saved me from the street

first published by Target Audience Magazine, Fall Issue

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