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“An aeroplane
in the hands
of Lincoln Beachey
is poetry”
sd Orville Wright

first to fly
upside down
Beachey wore
a diamond stickpin

his last loop
dumpd “the divine flyer”
into San Francisco Bay


“To Slim Gaillard
the whole world
was just
one big orooni”
wrote Jack Kerouac

sd to date
Ava & Lana
Slim wrote a dictionary
for his own language
playd piano
with hands
upside down

he sent us
out there
with the floy floy


“I wish
I looked
like Richard Gere
in the gravity boots”
sd Dan Brown

playing a gigolo
in little gray shorts

Gere hung
upside down
to combat age

3 decades later
guys still do it
to look like him


“inversion therapy
flip text
all looks better
upside down”
I told
the bricks
beneath my head

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