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Letter Poem to the Morning of Friendship and Madness

Dear Us,

Giraffe eating is a popular sport in some places. It does take training, much as feeding goldfish to your cat (alive is good) but once mastered it is certainly a tall, thin alternative to pork. Nurses should consider this when dealing with heart patients (They have a fork in their hand and do not have the heart to put it down).

Why not? Try giraffe neck without bread. Lower giraffe neck is good. Giraffe butt needs simmering.

Do frogs look down. Do ducks fly south? Has the cell phone replaced the penis? Does god own an ipad? Do you think new birth control pills that give women four periods a year will cause more cancer? If you can buy a Dracula tuxedo for your parrot, why not a sensible body condom for the rich?

Who knows what stork has its beak in the fuselage?


Mr. Moon

David Plumb

is the author of 8 books, David Plumb’s most recent is, Poetry on Strings 2009 with marionette maker, Pablo Cano. Writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, Beatitudes 50 Years, 100 Poets Against the War, Salt Press, Instant City, Blue Collar review, Homeless Not Helpless Anthology, Mondo James Dean Anthology-St. Martin’s and Would You Wear My Eyes, Tribute to Bob Kaufman. Blog, Notes from a Wavering Planet. Will Rogers said, “Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.” I say, “It depends on the parrot.”

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