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One of the Cool Ones

You obsess about the woman you met
at the conference on iPad health
She’s odd, strange, half in the clouds
the rest all business and in this case
she took care of the uncle who
had Parkinson’s until he died.
That’s what she said over Pasta Alfredo
in the dark restaurant just off
the southeast end of Boston Commons
the one with the bad salad and the waiter with zits.
You liked her, you got along, you walked her
to the small hotel with the doorman who eyed you wearily.
And it seemed nothing more than friendly when
you leaned over to peck her cheek
and this big whacky woman
this woman who is not on the cover
of any hot magazine but she is the cover and the show
why her tongue swirled you right to heaven and that was that.
You were back on the street wiping lipstick off in the dark.
So here you are obsessing on this snowy day
wanting to lick every inch of her
bite her, only she is in Rio; she just called.
Her studio overlooks Sugarloaf. What a view.
Later she’s going to the Amazon to paint.
Would you care to come along?
Yes Carnival was fine, yes she danced.
She’s almost a pro-fessional dancer.
She has international status she said.
That’s what she said from Rio.
And the snow sweeps the window
and you obsess about her legs
her mouth, the rest and
the snow falls down.

David Plumb

is the author of 8 books, David Plumb’s most recent is, Poetry on Strings 2009 with marionette maker, Pablo Cano. Writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, Beatitudes 50 Years, 100 Poets Against the War, Salt Press, Instant City, Blue Collar review, Homeless Not Helpless Anthology, Mondo James Dean Anthology-St. Martin’s and Would You Wear My Eyes, Tribute to Bob Kaufman. Blog, Notes from a Wavering Planet. Will Rogers said, “Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.” I say, “It depends on the parrot.”

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