lisa gill & the michael vlatkovich trio | the star poems

Lisa Gill & the Michael Vlatkovich Trio

the star poems

z e r x 077 | cd

Dave Wayne — drumset, prepared vibraphone & percussion | Mark Weber – hubkaphone | Michael Vlatkovich – trombone & percussion | Lisa Gill – text

Live @ The Outpost Performance Space Albuquerque USA April 23, 2o10 Recorded and mastered by Steven Schmidt

Tracklist: 1. Trio Excursion # 1 Inaudible Rhyme Poems 2. “Touches her grossly, although a word” with Delmore 3. From the Depths of Archetypal Encounter 4. After Chile Shifted the Earth’s Tilt & Whirl 5. Mala Beads for Carmela with Everyday Empathy 6. This Poem Has No Objections 7. Unwrapping the Body Buried Centuries Ago 8. Head Under Covers: Hidden Happy Heart 9. The Terror of Neverwell Enough Behaved 10. Boxing Day 11. Photograph of My Child on a Refrigerator… 12. Trio Excursion #2 Star Poems 13. from the book DARK ENOUGH 14. Trio Excursion # 3 15. Trio Excursion #4 16. The Art of Auditory Intake

listen to Lisa Gill | This Poem Has No Objections

listen to the Trio | Excursion No. 4

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