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is proud to announce the official debut of the Poetry Machine, a 1964 candy vending machine converted to sell poems. Though its design is not yet complete, the Poetry Machine appeared on the street at 3320 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026 for the 13th annual Silver Lake Art Crawl.

The machine sold nine different poems by category—from Love Poem to Food Poem to Poem to Help You Get Laid—including work by Amatoritsero Ede, Armando Celayo, Ryan Van Winkle, Elizabeth Aamot, David Shook, and Víctor Terán. Several poets sold out.

You can follow the progress of our machine here, as well as on Twitter, at, where you can find information on where the machine will next appear.

Special thanks to those who made this possible: including 2-Bad Echo Park, Project Lacuna, the Apiary, Molossus contributors Sydneyann Binion and Geoff Gossett, and Project Designer Laura Peters. We are grateful indeed to the Ileostomy Arts Foundation, whose generous grant enabled the idea behind this project to take root in the concrete of Los Angeles.

Once our packaging and design has been complete, the Poetry Machine will make routine appearances at art openings, bookstores, and literary events around Southern California. For more information, contact our editors.

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