scott moore | contemplating


What to say
The wolves above my fax
They never leave
The alpha, his eyes won’t submit
That fucking scares me sometimes

Maybe a psychologist could tell
The other significances, but
I’m too poor right now to care
I’ve deduced and deducted the loss
Based on the definition of a tax bracket

It doesn’t matter
The truth lies innately
I’m wearing plastic underwear
Saving for a bigger flat screen
But right now greater issues are

To my right
The walls on fire
And the man before it
Won’t pull up his sleeves
Or take note
It’s growing faster
Than a trouser snake

To my left
A trash bag
Hangs off the door
Filled with crumpled
Balls and trees
Inspirations and decay
The ones inside
Didn’t get to play

Front and center
I might jump in and crawl about
Chew them into little pieces
Make a nest like the mice
And rats in cupboards do
Ingest them and regurgitate
Some bullshit
I think now is new

I like you and you and you
And everyone in this very second
Cause a moment from now
We could all be dead
One crazy finger on the red button
I’m not talking the easy one

That would be very sad
For you and I
So let’s bust some logic
Contemplating the madness of earth
Isolating its pockets of insanity

I’m told
No two eyes see the same
When you’re eclipsing
The disconnect
First class serves champagne
What’s your opinion friend?
I understand the painter’s broad stroke
But science says
There’s way more left
Stranded in three letters

Tripped over pages and waves
Tubes and monkey cages
Dragging tailpipes and titties
Hi Def adds for dental dams
4 year terms equal 2 if you’re
Good at math and merry go round
The beltway

With that, motivation might kick
Some deep seeded sick ass shit
Or a love sonnet about hiding eyes
And thighs in friction waiting for

Make Miss Dandy get her book out
Define my highness, my lowness
My ass
A ragged re run of which
I wish no syndication

Back to the cupboards
With the mice and rats
To the little pieces
I know now are not new
Find out who started the fire
Do some serious chillin
Alls not melted
Not yet

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