scott moore | sun stroke


I see you, your eyes
A perfect sun in perfect sky
Rolling waves etch the sandy shore
A rainbow of fashion faux pas
Oiled and baking in fantasy

Little kids in surf shirts
Chasing waves and freckles
And Tonka trucks
Unaware that time is
Pacing their footsteps

While moms and dads
Discuss their chick lings
With copasetic optimism
Distracted from
There point of origin

10yards past, pay dirt
Gently rocking bikini legs
Turn pages of paperbacks
Filled with passionate men
Riding horses

A stones throw behind
Saw grass and dunes
Are their thoughts mine?

My girl, sea blue eyes
Her bumps all tanned up
She’s salty like a margarita

I’m rolled over and stuck
Thoughts of home
Our bed, our bounce, my want

To lick the sea from her
With tepid tongue
And drink her in with climax

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