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This book is a collection of stories unified by the presence of the iconic alcoholic beverage, tequila. It spans genres from humor to romance to science fiction to mystery. There are short anecdotes and longer works of creative fiction. Some pieces are gritty while others are delightful.

Besides a humorous tale about a spiritual healer’s encounter with the beverage under the most unexpected circumstances while on a teaching trip to Mexico, there is a science fiction story about the use of tequila by visitors from another planet, a mystery set in the middle of the current home-foreclosure crisis, and a metaphysical tale where tequila and tantra weave concepts of reincarnation and the transmigration of souls into a modern love story. Quite a read!

The list of contributors includes well known, career writers as well as newcomers; respected editors and publishers as well as painters, musicians, teachers, and writers of various other walks of life. Some even drink tequila! Some even remember drinking it! 168 Pages, $ 16

The Writers: RD Armstrong, Gerald Locklin, John Brantingham,  P.T. Mc Niff, Philip Daughtry,  Thomas Moore, J. Grass, Mike Munoz, Mary Ann Heimann, Gary Philips, Gary Keith Tim,  (TJ) Raab, Ken Kuhlken, David R. Youel.

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