eddie mount | at first

At first
It raged softly
Screamed silent
With blunt cuts
Made with sharp truncheons

Danced, swayed and grew
In hearts
Beating with mechanized violence
Singing staccato clinking stuttering songs

Darkness dismissed the Sun
For it’s falsity

Embracing slingshot shadows
The Homeless became Gods of vengeance
Slaying all in their path

Poets crucified on burning crosses
Tongues removed and fingers smashed
Their mumbled pleas spew ink stained lava
That burns eternal

Their lies unforgivable

Armies wage war after war
Till all that were left
Were the guns
Quivering in unrealized violence
Vomiting like Junkies
In need of oblivion

The jails, madhouses and rehabs
Spilling acolytes wielding scriptures
Written in excrement and human blood
Preaching the new world order

Stealing his magic decoder ring
Seraphim threw down God
And kicked him like a dog
Made him yelp and howl
Like a flea bitten cur

Jesus slammed a thorny crown
On his head
And screamed
“How does it feel Mother Fucker?”

Jesus was seized
Tied to winged chariots
Drawn and quartered
While Angels sang
“The Gods are dead!
The Gods are dead”

And so it was
The scream of pain
Became the song of the world
Its child

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