atila maddox | serious montana

Serious Montana

in the drizzle and grey unguarded
a silent fall day turns bust
the walls of consequence are vanquished
with fingers wrapped around a chopping blade
the tinning echo off a porcelain plate
as the reflection shines
a second face holds the push
the first holds sorrow
the pen, the body has found escape
no words flow
now that the snow falls straight line

bitter cold transgressions
hold captive another stray step
the lie of lies holds truth
teeth chattered and grinding
while a sensuous tongue
caresses its favorite fang

today the bones call out
in falls trace no will is found
only a steady pulse to steal the sun
while hands and knees crawl backwards
dead ugly
to the hole of bitch returns
only to live, fail and fall

Serious Montana
he watches, he whispers
as the ground is scavenged
beneath the gallows
full knowing he could take it all
or just tease the rot
this torment becomes his play

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