jack galmitz | excusez-moi


(For Monsieur K)

Line the ants up against the wall

walk around the words
in the garden they grow
as the sun foretold

clinging to the page particles

Letters (figured sounds) can be drawn as scores

The author of my life was a DADAIST

(Gentleman: Appropriate Attire Required)
Order of Dances
Quadrille…Nine Pin
Quadrille…Sleigh Bells
Polka. Stomp.

Marcel Marceau never spoke after his death

A man might change his thoughts,
he may be bitten by a mite
ahh, the poor widow’s mite

Her absence made me hard
we reconciled

along the pier fishing poles bend
with the tide
not a bite

the pansy
has a beautiful face
royalty well placed

the stage littered with
black butterflies

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