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The poems came back: The
note was brief. NO, it said. I looked up reject to satisfy myself;
transitive verb
1 a): to refuse to accept, consider,
submit to, take for some purpose
or use
2 obsolete: to cast off
3 : throw back, repulse
4 : to spew out
That was enough read.
I had a piece of wood
And pasted the poems
With the penned NO
(varnished it for affect)
In the center of a collage
I’d decided to make before
I sent the poems out.
With bristled brush stiff
from being poorly cleaned out,
dragged house-paint red
on top, blue to left, yellow
to right, and at the bottom
white, primarily to bring out
to the full extent in or into
public display
away from the center, from its proper place, THAT
For ex: (from the Merriam Webster Dictionary)
He went out to the garden.
He looked out at the snow.
She poured the tea out.
The girl stuck her tongue out.
His shirttail was hanging out.
I heard a noise in the bushes and out jumped a cat!
He waited out in the hall.
I cleaned my car inside and out.
A car pulled up and two men got out.
He grabbed his coat and out he went.

And satisfied was I
As if it was a rout.

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