james campbell | it: or, to punch another child in the face


fighting to me
is romantic
because people
need people
can’t sincerely understand each other
without having to systematically destroy each other
because at the same time
they are defeating themselves

it makes you
the most important person in the world
and nobody at the same time

everybody needs their it
where you don’t think about the other guy
or yourself
or society
only it
it is the one thing
where ego does not come into play
be it religion
or love
or fighting
people need their one thing
that lets them forget about every small dust pile
swept under the covers until they crawl back into them for the night
lets them forget about literally everything
except for that one swing to the face
that one thud in the solar plexis
that one breath that you can hardly take
that one warm glob of blood sitting in your mouthguard
something that lets you enjoy the pain
for one moment in time
as if nothing else existed.

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