mike klumpp | for mike doughty and hong kong in winter rain

Photography by Christophe Jacrot

for mike doughty and hong kong in winter rain

the twill and twiddle
twirling thumbs drum about the middle
essentially circling and circling
no rhyme or reason
motion and motion and motion forgotten
hands in laps like eyes to the ethereal
like sitting lotus
sitting mystic
sitting mysteriously
folding legs triangular
dynamic like a pyramid standing still

i think hot sand
feels good on rich brown skin
tanning in the coconut smell
white and creamy until rubbed in a dreammy
surfing the curling thumbs of the sick sea
green and blue
rolling white and white and washed away

the fingernails
of a mans hands who
was on the street
had nails
so clean in photo negative
grease oil stained
not like van gogh
oil or dali dough
oil like broke and poor and working too hard to
turn thumbs upon mirrors
but he is
he just doesn’t know it

we all want coffee at the diner and a cigarette after dinner
sex upon a sunday morning and flowers after fall leaves
rain before our sunshine and mossy grey green mornings in irish spring
wisteria and hysteria
we don’t want cuts on anything
no less but more and yet

twill and twiddle
thumbs turning ’round the middle
little flesh fans burning energy
and an effigy
of nothing.
love may be beautiful but all sound dissipates in half lives lingering long after it’s gone.

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