rich quatrone | i have a late snack with william blake

i have a late snack with william blake

yeah, fuck this charlmers character
or even the great ginsberg
i have a late snack with william blake
he comes to me late at night
and says oh richard what the hell
are you doing down here now what the hell
how the hell do you survive
i’ve come to give you a lift
and he reads to me sings to me
plays the harmonium for me
ah sunflower weary old rich he
he shows me his 18th century pornographic
drawings shows me how he makes himself cum
i show him my 21st century sex videos
he says ah weary of time weary of time
and starts dancing around my apartment
i show him photos of thuy-duong and diane
i show him the straps and the white black woven
leather whip fern bought in mexico
and he sings of angels visiting and how we are
naked if we are wise i show him the angels that
i’ve lost all the angels and he weeps with me
and sings of the little boy lost
it’s you richard it’s you he smiles
over chamamile tea and the christmas cakes
william visits me and says what’s next for you
old man in his twist of irony and i say
i have no idea william they’ve never understood me
i’ve been ostracized and i have this overweening pride
that keeps me aloof and i dance and make
love as much as my old body still permits
and william laughs and laughs and laughs
and laughs

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